Five Facts About Me

I was tagged by entropotato (I’m thecompanysite, I just mainly use this blog :) but I’m not too sure my five things are going to be all that interesting. I’ll give it a try.

1. I am a social marketing designer for a living. Basically I do advertising for people that want to get onto popular sites like Facebook. I get to work with on lot of interesting products/properties which is awesome. (example, I recently did Boxtrolls advertising :)

2. I live in big, yellow victorian home that was divided up into 3 separate apartments. I lovingly call it “The Shady Lady” and sometimes “The Yellow Bungalow” after “The Pink Palace” in Coraline. It’s old, spooky, sits on lots of property and I absolutely love it.

3. I hate driving and the fact that I have to drive almost anytime I want to go somewhere is maddening to me. I absolutely love to walk and bike ride. I’ve always disliked driving, but two years ago I got in a bad car accident in the middle of winter and it pretty much ruined driving for me.

4. I hate “jump scare” horror to death, but I can’t get enough of psychological thrillers. I love to be creeped out, I love spooky things, I love all that kind of stuff. I am always extra excited for my favorite season, Fall, cause of this; it’s the best time of the year for spooky-ness!

5. Most of my hobbies are things people know; writing, drawing, videography, photography, ext. but I also have some hobbies that I don’t talk about nearly as much including gardening, baking (yay cupcakes!), and bone collecting (I have just recently found my second skull! :D)

I tag jamboxybrown and j13ue to do this. Fly, my pretties, fly!